Medhat Al-Adl opens fire on Zamalek players: they have a lack of manners and they have a knot from Al-Ahly .. And Sassi, what did the club do?


Medhat Al-Adl, a candidate for the presidency of Zamalek, opened fire on the team’s players after losing Al-Ahly with two goals, compared to yesterday’s goal in the Egyptian League.

Al-Adl said in statements on Radio On Sport today, Monday, “The lack of manners that happened. They played roughly and not manly. You have a psychological complex from Al-Ahly or what.”

And he continued, “By manipulating a team you are more skillful than them, what does Carteron do?

He added, “It is a need that burns blood and disgusts, you don’t tell you the origin of the administration, the money of the administration is Mahmoud Alaa, who is awkwardly stirring it in this way.

Al-Adl continued, “Ferjani Sassi, who takes 2 million euros, what did we do in the important matches? Ferjani, this? I bring a team with millions in order to show the second in the league, this is a smaller and less valuable defect than the Zamalek T-shirt.”


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