Megan Markle supports the persecution and killing of Muslims in China with coffee


Megan Markle, former Duchess of Sussex, faces new accusations of her support for the killing and genocide of Muslims in China.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, Megan extended this attack after the modern coffee company financially backed by Megan to import tons of one of the main components of coffee from a Chinese supplier based in the “Xinjiang” region of China, where horrific violations occur.

Genocide took place in this province, prompting human rights groups to advise Western companies to cut off all commercial relations with the Chinese “Xinjiang” region due to the horrific violations, including forced labor crimes and the detention of one million Muslim taxers in re-education camps, and there are rapes. for women.

Last year, Megan Markle proudly announced that it is investing in the coffee company and that its ingredients are all from reliable sources, but the import process proved that it had imported about 19 tons of oat milk powder from a company based in Urumqi, the capital of “Xinjiang” of China.

Hours before the announcement of Megan’s investment in China, journalist Oprah Winfrey enthusiastically supported the company on social media for millions of its followers after receiving a gift from it, which sparked anger and later attack against it.

The supplier’s headquarters are within 4 miles of four suspected detention centers, including a high-security prison, and fashion giants H&M, Burberry, Marks & Spencer have refused to obtain cotton from Xinjiang due to concerns about forced labor.

Last year, at least five organizations said they no longer help companies import from the suspicious province because workers are unable to speak without fear due to what they are exposed to, and there is no evidence yet to acquit the company that oats were not grown or processed in Xinjiang.


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