Members of the royal family are behind Prince Philip’s coffin before his arrival in Sah


04:35 PM

Saturday 17 April 2021

London – (AAA):

Members of the royal family walked after Prince Philip’s coffin before arriving at the nave of St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

The royal funeral began for the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, husband of the British Queen, Elizabeth II, who passed away at the age of 99.

The British English-language Sky News broadcast live footage of the prince’s coffin being transported outside Windsor Castle before it was placed on the back of a Land Rove to be transported to St George’s Church.

Above the casket was the sword that King George VI gave to Prince Philip when he married the Queen in 1947, the cap of the Admiral, as well as flowers from the queen and the royal family.

Members of the royal family arrived, the minors, later today, to attend the ceremony, which is scheduled to number 30, with the implementation of measures to combat (Covid-19).

The national anthem was also played when the Queen joined the funeral procession, as the body arrived at Saint George’s Church.


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