Mido: My soul, Zamalek, will join Al-Ahly … Jafar does not care about the interest of the group


Ahmed Hossam Mido, the former player and coach of Zamalek, revealed the scenes of his work earlier, in agreement with Mortada Mansour, the former club president, in the policy of pressuring some players to extend the contract.

Mido said in statements through the “Club House” application, that his program was used in agreement with Mortada to pressure me, Ash Sharqi, that he withdraws the ultimatum he sent to Zamalek.

He added: “The news of Ashraf Bashrqi and the warning to terminate the contract with the club was in agreement with the Zamalek board of directors and the board of directors. The program used the club as a media tool.”

He continued: “I said that the player Yusef Obama sets conditions for his club at the time of renewal, and this was in agreement with Mortada Mansour to put pressure on the player to renew the club.”

He explained that Zamalek is currently his highest hope that he will become like Al-Ahly club, noting that the talk about the Century Club and Al-Mazloumiya gives justification to Zamalek players for defeat and then becomes a “peg”, stressing that it is necessary to look forward.

He continued: “In Al-Ahly, the club’s interest is placed above personal interests, but in Zamalek club, personal interests are placed above the club.”

He pointed out that Farouk Jaafar told him, “Who told you that we seek the interest of Zamalek Club?”, Pointing out that these are the ones working inside the club.

He concluded his remarks: “The courtesy of Al-Ahly was more than Zamalek, but at the time of Mortada Mansour’s presence, the Football Association and the Hakami Committee began to fear Mortada because” with their hands above their brains, “the courtesy became equal.


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