Mido: The Imam of Ashour needs advice .. I will ask to sit with him


Ahmed Hossam “Mido”, the former coach of Zamalek, said that he would ask the management of the white club to sit with Imam Ashour, the team’s player, in order to advise him.

Several days ago, the technical staff announced that Imam Ashour would be fined for his behavior, as well as for his training with youth for an indefinite period.

During phone statements to the “B Ontime” program, broadcast on “On Time Sports”, Mido said: “I will ask the management of Zamalek to hold a session with Imam Ashour.”

He added: “From my love for him and in the Zamalek club, I will talk to him and advise him, and I will tell him about situations that occurred with me at the time I was a player.”

He continued, “At some point when you are a young player, it is good for someone to talk to you and offer you help and advice.”

He concluded, “I hope the session will bear fruit.”


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