Miral Mahilian: I got the title “Belle of the Procession” while I was born and raised in Egypt | news


FilFan.com communicated with the model and actress Miral Mahilian, who drew attention to her after she led the mummies transport parade in the extraordinary event that the whole world witnessed.

At the beginning, Miral expressed her happiness to participate in the majestic procession in a great, important and honorable event, pointing out that she was expecting the procession to come out in this honorable way, and what happened was more than wonderful. She said that her nomination came through Ahmed Mohi’s casting office, noting that she has been working with advertisements for a long time.

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Miral added that the preparations began last February and took a long time due to the spread of Corona and the number of people, which was very huge, but everyone was trying to take the necessary preventive measures by wearing the mask during rehearsals.

As for the strong reactions about her appearance in the motorcade and describing her as beautiful, Miral said that she did not expect this amount of reactions about her appearance, adding, “I did not feel that I had the reactions.”

As for her nationality, Miral said that she belongs to an Egyptian island. She was born and raised in Egypt, but her father is of English origin, but he lived in Egypt.

Miral concluded that in addition to her advertising work, she contributes with her brother to a special project for children’s clothes and toys.

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