Moamen Zakaria: I hope for an African final between Al-Ahly and Zamalek


Moamen Zakaria, a former Al-Ahly player, expressed his hopes that Zamalek qualify for the quarter-finals and play the African Champions League final again against Al-Ahly, saying that he could not speak diplomatically on the issue of belonging to his team.

Moamen Zakaria said, in response to a question about his opinion of combining the love of the fans of Al-Ahly and Zamalek together: “The love of people is a great blessing, O Lord, that it sustains us.”

On his arrival in the UAE as a guest of honor to hand over the Arab Confederation Cup (the Emirates League Cup), he said: “I received an invitation from the club and the African Union to attend the African Champions League final, but it did not occur to me to receive an invitation from the Emirates to honor.”

And he talked about the African Champions League, saying: “I hope that Zamalek will advance to the quarter-finals, and thus there will be 8 strong clubs at this stage, and I hope that the final will be between Al-Ahly and Zamalek again.”

And he continued: “I encourage those in the first half and who in the second half? In the first half, I will encourage Al-Ahly, and in the second half, I will also encourage Al-Ahly. I belong to Al-Ahly, and when I played with Zamalek, I did not shorten and I achieved with the league team, thank God for the appreciation of the fans of the two teams for me.”

He concluded by saying: “I was close in earlier times to join the UAE and then Al Ain, but there was no share and I moved to the Saudi League.”


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