Mockery and criticism of “Fifi Abdo” for its comment on the death of Prince Philip – Newspaper Norte


The Egyptian actress Fifi Abdo In a post by her on the application of photos and videos, “Instagram”, the death Prince Philip Husband of the Queen of Britain Queen Elizabeth II .

So I wrote Fifi Abdo : “God have mercy on Prince Philip .. in heaven and its bliss, God willing.”

And were subjected Fifi Abdo To a wave of ridicule and criticism because of this post for the pictures it contained on the basis that it was Prince Philip, but only a picture of them came to him and the rest of other personalities.

Many of them also expressed their surprise at how she felt and prayed for him to enter Heaven .. Then the comments came such as: “You are a petite in the zaytah.

And also, “You look like you are healthy from sleep, thirsty. You said, ‘Either I download this post and return to sleep’, ” Fofa, you are hacked or your account is hacked, or what is the story? ‘


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