Mohamed Abdel-Rahman “Trend” after his appearance in the “Ramez Akleh” dump.


9:51 PM

Tuesday 20 April 2021

I wrote – Bahira Fouda:

The artist, Mohamed Abdel-Rahman “Tota” came on the list of the most searched topics on the Google search engine, after the presentation of the eighth episode of the program “Ramez Aqilah Flew” today, in which “Tota” fell victim.

The episode began with an introduction sarcastically by Ramez Jalal from Muhammad Abd al-Rahman upon receiving him inside the amusement park in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, saying: “When Tota laughs and looks red, it remains like tomatoes.”

Upon entering the game, “Abdul Rahman”, which is a flying vehicle called “Hop Path” in the air, “Ramez” sat next to him without knowing because of his disguise as an Indian Maharaja, and was then pushed into the “Hop Path” to fall into the pool

Abdul Rahman remained inside the “Al-Duruob Capsule”, saying: “Oh God, this is a game. There is no god but God ..

Ramez continued to harass him while disguising himself as an Indian man, and while Tota was standing on the edge of the game, one of the assistants pushed him; To jump into the pool.

After leaving the pool, Ramez Jalal revealed himself to him, and took off the mask that was hiding behind him. Tota appeared in shock, saying, “I am an eye,” so Ramez kisses him on his head.

Abdel Rahman said to Ramez Jalal at the end of the episode: “By God, if I had taken a million pounds, this point would not land.

And after that, the name of Muhammad Abdulrahman, Google Trend, appeared, because of his shouting, as well as his reaction after discovering the plot.

And he published a video clip of the episode, through his official account on the “Twitter” site, saying: “The reaction of Muhammad Abdul Rahman Al-comedi and Hazar and laughed at Ramez, his mind flew.

The program “Ramez Akle Flar” was filmed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the supervision of the General Entertainment Authority, headed by Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh. The program hosts a number of stars, most notably: “Muhammad Heneidy, Assi El-Hillani, Hamo Beka, and others.”


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