Mohamed Mounir: “I was humming and singing in an event like transporting mummies, and I was astonished when I saw the show.”


The great artist, Mohamed Mounir, expressed his pride in the ceremony of transferring the golden procession of royal mummies from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat, saying: “Congratulations to all of us .. and I am proud of my uniform like any Egyptian at the event.”

Mounir added, in a phone call to the program “On My Responsibility,” presented by the journalist Ahmed Moussa, and broadcast on the Echo Al-Balad channel, that Egypt has a great civilization, thanking the Egyptian state and the political leadership that adopted this great event by transferring the kings of Egypt to the Museum of Civilization, adding: “I received Many phones from all countries of the world congratulate me on yesterday’s big event. “

Artist Mohamed Mounir, the great scientist Dr. Zahi Hawass, said: “I am Ramses the 14th.” … so Hawass answered him by saying: “Zahi Hawass, you are Ramses the Ninth … you are the most beautiful person and the most beautiful voice in the world and by saying that you are a pyramids.”

Mounir continued, saying: “The song” I am Egypt is a beautiful thing that we present to Egypt, “and I was a stand impressed by the event yesterday .. The truth is I was dying and singing in such an event. We have played our role, and if everyone in Egypt played his role, we will live well.”


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