Mohamed Mounir to 2000 people who attended his concert at the Opera House: “I feel divine anger behind the spread of Corona” (photos)


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King Muhammad Munir revived his concert at the Opera House, on the stage of the Fountain Theater, accompanied by his band, in the presence of nearly 2,000 people from all classes of society, amid strict precautionary measures, from sterilization gates and a delay to face masks to limit the spread of the Corona virus.

Al-King went up on stage over the course of 90 minutes, sang 12 songs, and sent many messages to his fans and fans, saying: “I feel that there is divine anger, which is the reason for the spread of the Corona virus, and everyone is required to seek the help of God and we all trust in God, and that I mourn the passing of the most famous sound engineers, famous Nakhleh and Munis Al-Atwi, and I offer them my sincere condolences. ”

“Mounir” sang at the beginning of the concert his famous song to Egypt, Aaroussa El Nile, and the audience interacted with it very much, to the point where they broke the rules in the opera house and stood from chairs to sing, dance and interact with El King’s songs, and they stood in several rows on either side of the stage.

Then the king sang Ghariba, freedom, red lips, and said to the attendees, with your love and my sadness, cut the singing with applause, sing, relax, dance.

Then Mounir said: “The misfortunes that happen in the occupied land is something that needs support, far from politics, but I am always supportive and supportive of the Palestinian child,” so he dedicates to him his famous song “Architecture of Architecture”, amid the interaction of all the attendees with her, chanting: “The great is great, we love you, Munir.”

And then the king sang strange, oh Samra, even, red lips, you are my love, I am elegant, teach me about you, the son of Marica, the whole universe is in turn, sustenance is upon God and I am complaining about Maine, and Munir’s fans imposed themselves on his opera concert and chanted your voice by singing.

The ceremony was organized by the Egyptian Opera House headed by Dr. Magdy Saber, under the auspices of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture, at the open fountain theater, within the evenings of Ramadan and the anniversary of the Sinai liberation holidays, in the presence of Ambassador Cyril Noon, the German ambassador in Cairo, Captain Hany Ramzy and his wife, and a number of public figures.


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