Mohamed Salah: “Zamalek fans are not disappointed. Carteron is a failed man.”


Mohamed Salah, former coach of Zamalek, Patrice Carteron, described the current coach of White as a “failure”, directing him harsh criticism for his blaming of the team’s mistakes for his predecessor Jimmy Pacheco.

Salah said in statements to Al-Hadath TV today: “(Carteron is a failed man … he is already following the team for 3 to 4 months and he is in Saudi Arabia because there were negotiations with him, and I saw the whole team).”

He added: “Carteron received a team after he played his best match against Ceramica Cleopatra, and took charge the next day, (Why say he failed? Whoever after a draw or defeat says that the coach who missed is not a failure remains).”

Salah continued: “Zamalek players are very good, and they know the meaning of professionalism, and they separate what is happening in the club and between the stadium, and conditions have also improved in the club a lot.”

And he continued: “(Zamalek fans are not disappointed, they understand how well, if the team lost before Carteron, we say it will … and if I caught a team and said the physical and technical fitness of the team is a monster because of the coach who missed, I am a failure .. If it was winning, it would have been He would heal himself and say, “I worked and settled.”

It is noteworthy that the French coach Patrice Carteron took over the technical leadership of Zamalek in one match in the new state, which was in front of Tunisias Esperance and lost it with a clean goal at Cairo Stadium, before leaving the press conference and carrying the Portuguese Pacheco poor technical and physical condition of the team.


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