Mohamed Salah’s anger in front of Leeds … Robertson follows in the footsteps of Sadio Mane (video and photos)


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Mohamed Salah, the national team player and the Liverpool team, exploded in anger during his team’s meeting against Leeds United, which was held on Monday evening in the 32nd week of the Premier League competition, and ended with the two teams tied 1/1.

The start came at the 71st minute, which witnessed the descent of Mohamed Salah and the exit of Sadio Mane, who scored the team’s only goal during this match, and the cameras of the match showed Mohamed Salah’s face unnaturally angry.

Robertson angered Mohamed Salah at the 77th minute of the second half, after the Scottish star refused to pass the ball to the Egyptian striker, who was in a private position with the home goalkeeper, and preferred to continue with the ball until he entered the opposing team’s penalty point and lost the ball thanks to the ingenuity of one of the defenders.

Selfish moment Robertson with Mohamed Salah in front of Leeds

And Robertson became following the approach of Sadio Mane with Mohamed Salah within the Liverpool team in terms of selfishness with Mohamed Salah, and the last scene that Mane made with Salah was during the first leg against Real Madrid in the Champions League.

Selfish moment Robertson with Mohamed Salah in front of Leeds

Mohamed Salah missed a goal at the 85th minute of the second half, after he received a long ball from Fabino and the Egyptian star was alone and hit the ball next to the left crossbar of the team that owns the land.

Selfish moment Robertson with Mohamed Salah in front of Leeds

At the 87th minute of the second half, Leeds United scored the equalizer after a large number of opportunities were missed during the second half by Diego Llorente, who headed the ball past Alison Becker, taking advantage of the cross ball executed from the corner kick point.

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