Mohi Ismail’s clothes, Jenin attending the Luxor Festival .. Cloak on sports clothes


The artist attended Mohy IsmailTo the closing ceremony of the Luxor Festival for African Cinema, wearing a black cloak, similar to what he did during the opening, where he was present at the ceremony wearing a blue cloak and under it he wore sportswear.

The Luxor Festival for African Cinema canceled the “Red Carpet” for the opening ceremony, and it was postponed to the 28th of this March. As a result of the Sohag train accident.

The president of the Luxor Festival for African Cinema, Sayed Fouad, explained that it was decided to cancel the paragraphs of the opening ceremony of the Luxor Festival after the Sohag train incident, and the honoring ceremonies were satisfied and only the arbitration committees were announced.

It is worth noting that the festival announced that the current session will be dedicated to the late artists Mahmoud Yassin, Mahmoud El Meligy, the Sudanese actor “Al Hadi Al Seddik” and the Moroccan novelist and cinematographer “Noureddine Al Sayel”.

About Mohy Ismail:

The artist “Mohi El-Din Ismail” is an Egyptian actor famous for playing complex roles. He was born on November 8, 1940. He studied in the Faculty of Arts, Department of Philosophy, studied at the Institute of Dramatic Arts, and worked at the National Theater, and he is one of the founders of the Experimental Hundred Chair Theater in the Czech Cultural Center 1969 year.


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