Mona Zaki for dmc: “Newton’s Game” is a nice experience and I was very encouraged by the story


Media Iman El Hosary welcomed the heroes of the series “Newton’s Game”, the star Mona Zaki, the star Mohamed Farraj, and the director Tamer Mohsen, in the “evening dmc” program, broadcast on the dmc channel.

The star Mona Zaki said: “The first time we finished before Ramadan, it was a day of filming, and the series is a beautiful experience, and the first time Professor Tamer spoke to me, I was very encouraged, and after he told me the story I was very encouraged, and the actors are all with their love and very rigid. Good and sweet, I sit a lot in the house until I see good paper. ”

The series “Newton’s Game” starring: Mona Zaki, Mohamed Mamdouh, Mohamed Farraj, Sayed Ragab, Aisha bin Ahmed, Mayan El-Sayed, Osama Al-Hadi, and for the first time in the Egyptian-American drama, the Egyptian-American actor Adham El-Sharkawy, and the composition of the workshop of the scriptwriter Maha Al-Wazir, with the participation of Samar Abdel Nasser, Muhammad Al-Shakibi, and Ammar Sabry, directed by Tamer Mohsen, and produced by Media Heb Saadi – Jawhar.

The series “Newton’s Game” revolves around a trip here and Hazem, who plan in complete secrecy to have their child on American soil, but the adventure gets complicated bit by bit, and takes them to unimaginable worlds, and the series was filmed between Egypt and the United States of America.

Dmc is showing the first episode of the series “Newton’s Game”, today, Tuesday, on the first night of the month of Ramadan at 12:05 a.m., provided that it will be shown at exactly eight oclock in the evening during the month of Ramadan and the repetition is 2:00 a.m. and 10 a.m. : 00 am.

Under the slogan “Never let anything you miss, from breakfast to suhoor,” episodes of the series “Newton’s Game” are shown on Watch It right after the episode is shown on screen.


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