Moroccan film “Connecticut Street” wins the Luxor African Film Festival award




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The film “Connecticut Street” by Moroccan director Ismail Al-Iraqi won the award for best feature film at the Luxor Festival of African Cinema, which closed its tenth session on Wednesday evening.

The film is 120 minutes long, and it is co-produced by Franco-Moroccan-Belgian, and starring Khansa Batma, Ahmed Hammoud, Said Bey, Murad Al-Zawy and Fatima Atef.

The events revolve around a relationship between a former rock musician and Bint Leil, who has a golden voice, in the city of Casablanca, as he tries to quit heroin abuse while she seeks to escape from street life, and both of them find nothing but music as a refuge.

The festival’s feature film jury awarded its special prize for the movie (Air Conditioner) from Angola, and also praised the performance of Egyptian actor Khaled El Sawy in the movie (For Rent).

The feature-length fiction competition included 8 films, while the jury consisted of Egyptian director Amir Ramses, Tunisian director Linda Belkhireya and Nigerian filmmaker Michael Barish.

This year, the festival raised the slogan “Ten Years of Imagination,” and the session bore the name of the late Egyptian actress Madiha Yousry.

Short Film Competition

In the short films competition, the award was won by “Goodbye” from Ghana, and the jury awarded its own prize to “Green Ink” from Morocco. The committee also noted the Sudanese film, “This is my dance, listen.”

Documentary competition

In the documentary competition, the award was won by “Varietra” from Madagascar, while the jury awarded its own prize to “With the Tide towards Kinshasa” from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The jury of the International Federation of Critics “Febrese” presented its prize for the film “This is not a funeral … it is a resurrection” from Lesotho, which was shown at the opening, while the Association of Independent Young Artists, which organizes the festival, awarded its prize for the Egyptian film “For Rent” directed by Islam Bilal.

Source: Reuters


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