Mostafa Mohamed: I informed Zamalek that Saint Etienne was rejected


Egyptian international Mostafa Mohamed, Zamalek striker loaned to Turkish Galata Saray, revealed the scenes of his transfer to Saint Etienne, France, stressing that he informed the white club of his refusal to move to the club even if he got 100 million dollars.

“The negotiations were not successful, and the pressure on Zamalek was on their side and on my part for the sake of professionalism,” said Mostafa Mohamed, hosted by the “Her Excellency” program on the DMC channel.

He added, “The president of Saint-Etienne made statements against the club, so I sent a message to the members of the board of directors that I do not accept insults against your right and I will stand on your back and will not leave even if I get 100 million dollars.”

He continued: “I decided to continue in Zamalek, but Saint-Etienne continued to hold on to me and made an apology, and then held a session with my agent in order to fix things, but Zamalek constantly informed me of their refusal to move to Saint-Etienne.”

And he continued: “Zamalek informed me of agreeing to move to Saint-Etienne, on the condition that he pay the amount in cash, which is $ 5 million, and despite the difficulty of the matter, Saint Etienne stuck to me until the end and they sold a player to send the amount (cash).”

He continued: “Zamalek also did not agree to my departure to Saint-Etienne despite sending the required amount, and they opened the door for my departure to Galatasaray.”

He continued: “I was clinging to Saint-Etienne because I knew everything about the negotiations and studied everything, but I am happy to move to Galatasaray, as he is one of the biggest teams in Europe and the fans there are crazy about football.”

He continued: “The arrow celebration symbolizes two things, the first in the manner of Lewandowski because I saw him celebrate that way, and the second is Zamalek’s arrow because I love the club, so I decided to celebrate like this, the Zamalek fans (Tayeb and Benci) and love his players.”

He continued, saying: “I tell the fans of Zamalek that I appreciate your grief over my departure. When they see the team’s condition now, they can curse me. I watch Zamalek matches on my own phone and always talk to Ferjani Sassi to talk about the club’s conditions.”


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