Mostafa Mohamed reveals the scenes of his refusal to move to Saint-Etienne


Mustafa Mohamed, the Turkish Galatasaray striker, spoke about the scenes of the failure of his transfer to Saint-Etienne, France, indicating that a problem occurred after the French Saint-Etienne officials came to Egypt, but they were unsuccessful in resolving the deal.

Mustafa Mohamed said during televised statements: “The President of Saint Etienne said something wrong with Zamalek, and I did not like the words. I sent a message to the members of the Council and told them that I will not insult you, and I am at your command even if he takes 100 million dollars, and I couldn’t sell it to them to be published in the media like what It happened, but to tell them with your love and destiny. “

Mostafa Mohamed continued: “Saint Etienne officials were adhering to the contract with me and they wanted the club president to come to Egypt to apologize to Zamalek officials, but we had taken a decision to refuse to contract with him,” adding: “I spoke with the Zamalek management about accepting the offer after the club’s apology and its president, and the deal was concluded and in it. “It is an interest for me and the club, but the management of Zamalek stipulated paying the amount in cash, and because of the French club’s adherence to the contract with me, they sold one of the players and sent the money to Zamalek, but in the end Zamalek refused the French offer.

Regarding the Turkish Galatasaray offer, he confirmed: “Galatasaray is a great team and the largest team in Turkey.

And about the players closest to his heart in the ranks of Zamalek, he said: “Shikabala, Tariq Hamed and Ferjani Sassi are the closest to the ranks of Zamalek, and they knew my desire to professionalize, because the dream of professionalism is a legitimate right for any player and they have gone through these experiences before me and feel me, and Shikabala promised me that he would help me.”

Regarding his accusation of rebelling against Zamalek and his absence from training because of his desire to become professional, he affirmed: “I did not rebel against Zamalek, and when I missed training, it was due to the circumstances of my mother’s illness and my injury, and the evidence is that I did not fall on any opponent and all the officials in the club defended me.”

The Turkish Galata Sarai player added: “From my childhood my dream was to play for Zamalek and achieve tournaments with him, and I love the fans of Zamalek and I hope that they will not be angry with me, especially since I did not shorten anything, and despite your anger at me, I love you.” He pointed out that he did not know whether Shikabala would be renewed for Zamalek or not.

And he continued: “I am an old Sunni, and I did not professionalize at a young age, as is usual with players at the age of 19 or 20, and while I was with the Vanguards of the Army, one of the Turkish clubs playing in the middle of the table asked me, and negotiations were not completed, and I also asked to leave Zamalek after the arrival.” An offer from Fenerbahce last season, but the former Zamalek board of directors asked me to stay in order to win the CAF Champions League.

And he continued: “After the end of the African Championship, a new council came and a new offer came to me, this time from Galatasaray, and I stuck to leave because I am old, and because my price will not go up from the current price because I play in Egypt and am not abroad to increase my value.Logistical “.

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