Mounir Makram: An artist who gave his friend a subway employee half a million dollars for the “hidden camera”


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Artist Munir Makram said that the main home of the hidden camera is the United States of America, and it appeared when a film institute graduate worked in the subway due to the lack of work, and when a friend of his graduates visited him, he found some cameras in the metro, and then He disappeared for 6 months, visited him and gave him a check for half a million dollars, saying: “I took the idea of ​​a hidden camera from you and made it, and from here it spread all over the world.”

And “Makram” continued, in televised statements, on Monday evening, that the American hidden camera was translated and broadcast in the month of Ramadan, and it met with great demand. It was presented by Mahmoud al-Jundi and presented by Ibrahim Nasr. After that, a group of young people was hired and presented under the name “Infection”. .

She pointed out that he participated in the hidden camera and the field of acting through pure chance, commenting: “I didn’t like being an actor, and I worked in acting by chance.”


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