Muhammad Abu Jabal is getting married in a family ceremony today


Mohammed Abu Jabal holds a goalkeeper ZamalekHe got married today at a family party at a gathering hotel, after he fought Maran today with the team in preparation for a confrontation Senegalese Tongith in a African Champions League.

Muhammad Abu Jabal attended the training session before the ceremony for the wedding today, and he will take part in his training regularly tomorrow without a vacation in Zamalek camp in preparation for the Senegalese Tuncheon match.

Zamalek will meet Tounjeth at 6 pm next Saturday, in the sixth and final round of the African Champions League group stage matches..

Muhammad Abu Jabal gets married in a family party today (1)

Zamalek needs to win next Saturday, Ali Tounjeth, with Esperance’s victory against Mouloudia Algeria in order for Zamalek to succeed in snatching the second qualifying card in Group D, where Zamalek ranks third with 5 points collected from 5 matches, while Esperance ranks first with 10 points, followed by Mouloudia Algeria in the center. The second with 8 points, while the tie between Esperance and Mouloudia crosses the two teams into the 8th round and Zamalek’s exit from the tournament.

Muhammad Abu Jabal gets married in a family party today (2)

Osama Nabih, the general coach of the team, and Ahmed Abdel Maksoud, the assistant coach, held a session with Youssef Ibrahim Obama, the team’s player, on the sidelines of the training, and the duo were keen to give the player some technical instructions to apply them in training, and the duo directed several advice to Obama, especially as it is one of the essential elements in Zamalek.

While Abdullah Jumah, the left back of the team, performed rehabilitative training in the club’s gymnasium, in light of his injury to the connective muscle during the recent period, and the medical apparatus of the team seeks to prepare the player to return to participate in group exercises as soon as possible, and the player ended his rehabilitative training and was keen to continue training today.


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