Muhammad Carter to Shaima Seif: You are the soul outside and inside of Mina and the heart that adores him


Muhammad Carter posted a picture of his wife, Shaima Saif, on his Facebook page, and commented: “After I did not know you, my life in my life, I never imagined my life without you, you are the soul outside and inside of me, you are the laugh that makes her laugh, you are the heart that adores him All people deal on you as my wife, and they do not know that you are my daughter.

Mohamed Carter tweet
Mohamed Carter tweet

A while ago, the artist, Shaima Saif, raised more speculation about her relationship with her husband, and speculation about their relationship recently about their separation. Calculate yourself, they reprimand every one that is shown for what it is because of what harms you. You will not know that you will prove the opposite of what you have beautified in the eyes of people. “

And she continued: “In the end, there is only one word to be spoken, our Lord, but the one who has all the truths, and he is the ruling of justice, your prayers, a point from the beginning of the line.”

The artist, Shaima Saif, sparked widespread controversy recently after he canceled her follow-up to her husband, Muhammad Carter, through her Instagram account, and he also canceled her follow-up.

She also wrote a mysterious message yesterday via the Story feature on her Instagram account, in which she wrote: “Everything is shared … Praise be to God for whatever.”

All her followers and fans wondered through her Instagram account, did she actually separate from her husband Muhammad Carter after a marriage that lasted more than two years, or is it just a joke, although Shaima and Katr still keep all their photos together on their Instagram accounts and not delete their wedding photos.

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