Musician Questlove with “Crocs” on the Oscars red carpet


American musician Ahmed Khaled Thompson, known professionally as QuestloveSightseeing arrives on the red carpet to the Oscars, where he wears a suit and certainly did not give up the face mask, but he chose to wear a “golden corks”, which is not in line with the official rules for attending the Oscars, and here his costume became remarkable.

The musician wears a Questlove Crocs

The musician wears Questlove Crocs

Musician wears Crocs on the red carpet
Musician wears Crocs on the red carpet

And the Academy imposed a number of restrictions on attending the ceremony, including not wearing medical masks for the 2021 Oscars while attending the ceremony, despite the high number of people infected with Coronavirus around the world during the current period, as the Academy of Arts and Theater Sciences said that wearing medical masks and face masks is not necessary, as The concert is treated as a television act, so wearing masks in front of the cameras is not necessarily.

The Academy revealed the number of the audience that will attend the ceremony, as the number of attendees is limited to 170 people, and the members of the audience are rotated inside and outside the venue, as the number will not be completely inside the ceremony at the same time, for the first time, according to the site. VarietyThe ceremony will be held at the historic Union Station in Los Angeles, which is a historic railway station, in addition to a number of activities at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, which used to hold all the activities before.

The meeting included some details of the ceremony, which included a mandatory temperature check for all attendees, in addition to bringing three Corona virus tests to the attendees during the three days preceding the ceremony.

Many distinguished works compete for the Academy Awards, with each film competing for the best film The FatherDirected by Florian Zeller and produced in the United Kingdom and France, it is the first experience in cinema for its director, the French novelist and playwright Florian Zeller, who has many of his plays turned into films, including “The Father” for whom the script was written by Christopher Hamton, who won the Oscar for his film.Dangerous LiaisonsDangerous Relationships. “

The Tunisian film competes with the man who sold his back, competing for the best foreign film award, while the Palestinian film “The Gift” is competing for the best short film award.


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