Musimane: I am sad because of Shikabalas goal … and the Zamalek apparatus cursed me with the Portuguese


South African coach Pitso Musimani, technical director of Al-Ahly club’s first football team, expressed his happiness at winning over Zamalek with a score of 1/2 in the match that brought them together this evening, Sunday, at Cairo Stadium, in the postponed match of the fourth week of the Egyptian Premier League competition.

Al-Ahly duo Mohamed Sharif scored in the 21st and 34th minutes, while Shikabala scored the goal of Zamalek in the 31st minute, and thus Al-Ahly raised its score to 30 points from 12 games, while Zamalek’s balance stopped at 33 points from 15 games, and the league table came after the summit meeting 121 as follows :

Musimani said during the press conference after the match: “The Zamalek matches are enthusiastic and pressure is great, and praise be to God we won the match, and we mastered the first 20 minutes, and we played the way we want, adding:” We did very hard, and we applied the technical work well in the stadium, and what did not contain certain variables such as the waves”.

The technical director of Al-Ahly added: “The goal of Shikabala saddened me because we trained on it, and the same final goal in Africa, and I said to the defect, they took Balkwa from Shikabala and the way it was, but Zamalek is a big team and they have a great coach and their experience is high.”

Musimani continued, “We managed the match in a strong way, and we never complained about injuries, but the truth is Al-Ahly’s injuries are impressive, and the man of the match, from my point of view, is Ali Lotfi, the goalkeeper.”

And about his crisis with the Frenchman, Patrice Carteron, the technical director of Zamalek, Musimani said: “It is just excitement in the match, and those around Carteron uttered external words in Portuguese, and I was able to understand them and I responded to them.”

He added: “We suffer from the pressure of matches and how the players can participate in 4 seasons without rest. Guardiola and Klopp complained that the two seasons had a lot of matches and tried to arrange them in the winter rest and the end of a season, which is not present in Egypt and it is not good for the players.”


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