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South African coach Pitso Musimani, coach of Al-Ahly club, decided to dispense with one of the players of the first football team of the Red Castle during the upcoming transfers, while the name of Al-Ahly has been linked to many important and distinguished deals recently.

Musimani directed the necessity of the departure of Rami Rabia, the defender of the red team, during the upcoming transfers, because he does not meet the defense needs of the team, and is not relied upon during the last period.

Al-Ahly’s coach plans to acquire players of the highest quality in terms of defense, but in the event of Rabia’s departure, whether through final sale or loaning to any of the ranks.

Musimani explained that Saad Eddin Samir is one of the options before him in the first place, if any of the players are injured in the back line, as he relies mainly and mainly on Yasser Ibrahim, Badr Bannon, and Ayman Ashraf in the heart of the defense.

The technical director did not rely on Rabia’s services at any time due to the lack of need for his services with the team, as Musimani looks forward to returning Mohamed Abdel Moneim and Ahmed Abdel Qader loaned abroad.

The coach of Al-Ahly stipulated not to include any player on loan, except after the departure of another player, in order not to accumulate the list with a number of useless players, so that the presence of any player on the bench does not constitute a great burden on the coach and the apparatus completely.

The technical director of the auxiliary apparatus stressed the need to settle for the players who will undergo the technical test through videos in order to know their level and stand on it before officially joining the ranks again.

It is decided that the technical director of the Al-Ahly club will hold an important and urgent session with the officials of the club in order to know the final decision about the new deals, after returning from Sudan after the Sudanese Al-Merrikh confrontation scheduled for tomorrow in the penultimate round of the group stage of the African Champions League.

The coach wants Al-Ahly to get two full backs, in addition to a player of a high caliber at the level of the play industry, and a distinguished African striker who is good at scoring half-chances.

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