Mutab Saleh Jumaa: I am more than advising you … and I will not talk about you again


8:30 PM

Friday 02nd April 2021

Books – Ali Al-Bahji:

Imad Mutaib, a former Al-Ahly player and the Egyptian national team, confirmed that the Ceramica Cleopatra team has many players with high capabilities and offers excellent football.

Mutab said in statements to Ontime Sports: “The Ceramica coach plays the right way and has great players who can implement his vision, as they play beautiful football like Mohamed Ibrahim and Saleh Jumaa.”

He added, “On the occasion of Saleh Jumaa, I received a message from him through a friend, and he says that I am talking about him in a bad way, and this is not true.”

He continued: “If you try to count the number of times during which you give advice in favor of Jumah, you will find it very much, because I am one of the people who loves him the most because he is a good football player.”

He continued: “It is clear that the message was misunderstood. My point was that he would remain a star in Cleopatras Ceramica.”

He concluded his remarks, “You are my little brother, and I hope you become 20 times better, because you have very great potential, and I will not talk about you again.”


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