“My father is the best person, and Lourdiana is not apparent.” The audience’s comments on Tha


9:51 PM

Thursday 15 April 2021

Books – Hani Saber:

The third episode of the program “Ramez Ajlh Flar” presented by the artist Ramez Jalal, Trend Twitter, featured the festivals singer Hamo Beka and the dancer Lordiana.

The audience’s comments on the episode of Becca and Lourdiana on the social networking site Twitter came as follows: “Hamo Beca .. Really, the best person feels that he is on his intention. Indeed, he deserves all the best honey. Honey,” But sweet, clear your niches and the Almighty .. You are a problem. Hamo Talib and Yevf in front of the people. ”“ Let us agree, today is the episode of Hamo Becca and Lourdiana .. It was sweet and we all laughed. ”

And also: “Let us agree,” Becca’s mother’s ring today is rigid and our laughter is rigid. “Our lord is not a pure phenomenon … you are focused with Hamo only … but a rigid ring.”

Hamo Beka and the dancer Lordiana are guests of Thursday’s episode of the landfill program “Ramez Aklou Flar”, presented by artist Ramez Jalal.

The artist Ahmed Saad fell victim to the first episode, while the player Ramadan Sobhi fell victim to the second episode of the program, so that Becca and Lourdiana became the victims of the third episode of the program.

The program “Ramez Akle Tara” is shown on the “Mbc” screen in Egypt every day throughout the month of Ramadan at exactly twenty-six minutes. “Ramez” hosts through it a large group of stars, most notably: Mohamed Heneidy, Sumaya El-Khashab, Wizzo, Ahmed Malek, Dina El-Sherbiny. Hamo Beka, Kinda Alloush, and others.

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