“My whole life is gone” .. Basma Bousil, Tamer Hosni’s wife, bids farewell to her father


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Basma Bousil, wife of the star Tamer Hosni, announced the death of her father.

Bossil wrote an influential message on its Instagram page, which came as follows:

The heart that was patient with me over the cruelty of the world was gone, the one that was all that called out to me, said: O smile of my life, but the truth is that it was my whole life … Our Lord has mercy on you, O most precious of my soul, O dearest father in the world … That is to God and to Him we shall return .

((Oh God, have mercy on the one who is glorified for his separation, O Lord. My father is more precious than the one whose mercy you lost, and gather me with him, O Lord of the worlds)) O God, forgive my father, have mercy on him, pardon him, forgive him, and honor his residence.
O Lord, O All-Merciful.

Lord, he is not with me, but in my heart, in my prayers, he moved to your neighborhood, but is present in all the details of my life. Oh God, I have mercy on my father as much as I yearn for him. Oh God, your mercy enlarges everything.
Oh God, join him with the righteous to the Most Merciful as a delegation

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