Nagwa Fouad: I got married 6 times and I saw them were 20 .. And I danced in the joy of my husband from my friend


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Actress Najwa Fouad said that she was married 6 times, one of which was customary.

Najwa Fouad added, during her meeting with the program “The Women Mayerfush Bakdboa” on the “cbc” channel on Wednesday, that she did not marry 10 times, as it is rumored about her, and she continued: “I did not marry 10 times. Fuad Hassan, who was like my husband, lover and father, and he is the one who made me after our Lord. ”

And about her six husbands closest to her, she said: “The closest husband to my heart was the last one, and the mistake was not made of him, but I also had part of the mistake, because I was a star at the time, and I had to dance with joy in my company, because I was under a reality, but I came in Joy is the sweetest dance in my whole life, although my girlfriend kidnapped it from me. ”

Najwa also talked about the friendship and interdependence that distinguished the artistic community in the past and said: We all used to eat with each other and intend some Shadia Rajaa Al-Jeddawi all the people in contact with each other.

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