NASA detects an asteroid the size of the Leaning Tower of Pisa … and “approaches” the Earth


And the US space agency monitorsNASAAlso the asteroid called “MB542015”, which is larger than it is Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The asteroid is moving at a speed of 3.7 kilometers per second, and will pass near Earth on Tuesday, according to the British newspaper “Daily Star”.

And NASA scientists have classified And the European Space Agency The asteroid is like space rocks from asteroids close to the Earth, revolving in an orbit greater than the Earth’s axis.

According to “NASA”, the asteroid will pass at a distance of 3,230,000 miles from the Earth, knowing that the average distance between the Earth and the moon is about 239,000 miles.

NASA tracks thousands of asteroids annually, all of them safely bypass Earth, as there are more than 18,000 asteroids near Earth.


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