NASA rover takes selfies during Mars exploration


The “Persevering” NASA rover returned two selfies of a “face” and “head” loaded with the camera from the Jezero crater on the surface of Mars, and the two footage shows the remote sensing mast of the vehicle, which hosts many rover cameras and scientific instruments, and was captured by the SHERLOC WATSON camera , Located on the turret at the end of the rover’s robotic arm.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the perseverance arrived at the red planet on February 18 after a trip that lasted nearly seven months through space.

Mars rover
Mars rover

It is tasked with researching traces of fossil microbial life from the ancient past of Mars, and collecting samples of rocks to bring them back to Earth on future missions to the Red Planet.

At the top of the remote sensing mast is the SuperCam, which examines rocks and soil with a camera, laser and spectrophotometers.

“The craft can identify the chemical and mineralogical composition of targets as small as a pencil point from a distance of more than 20 feet (7 meters),” NASA says.

NASA spacecraft
NASA spacecraft

Also visible in these images are below the SuperCam’s “eye” of navigation cameras, and just below, the Mars Environment Dynamics Analyzer (MEDA).

This cylindrical device takes weather measurements including wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, and the amount and size of dust particles in the Martian atmosphere.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory plans to shoot important scenes with cameras installed on perseverance, and will send the images to the ground hours later. The helicopter that was attached to the “Ingenuity” vehicle is also equipped with two cameras on its base, one color camera with a horizon view for terrain images and one in black and white for navigation.


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