NASA’s postponed trip to Mars .. What valuable thing did you carry?


This highly anticipated flight by a small helicopter would be the first flight Absolutely outside a planet Earth.

According to the British “Sky News” network, the plane’s flight is currently on the roof MarsPostponed to April 14 at the earliest.

Space data indicate that this drone is equipped with 1,500 pieces of carbon fiber, in addition to the aluminum used in the aviation industry.

The manufacture of this plane relied on silicon and copper, and the most symbolic thing is that it carried a piece of cotton from the “Flyer” plane that completed the first flight in 1903 and was known a lot as “Kitty Hawk”.

Kitty Hawk town is located in the state of town North Carolina In the United States of America. It became famous when the Wright Brothers made their first flight by plane on December 17, 1903.

Attention was drawn to the technical defect during testing of the rotors, which is a necessary stage before the start of the historical journey, because it is the first of its kind in history.

And publication “NASAA video showing the helicopter’s rotors wobbling what is required of it is to spin 50 revolutions per minute.

The experiment that the helicopter underwent quickly ended at a high speed, and it weighs only 1.8 kilograms, and the problem was in the rotors, so the scientists speculated that there was a defect.

The “NASA”, in a statement, that the crew The helicopter To understand what happened, he’s running a metrics review and will quickly reprogram an experiment at full speed.

NASA reassured, saying that the helicopterIngenuity“Safe and completely safe, as the information was successfully sent to the” Rover “spacecraft on Mars and then to Earth.

Scientists were betting that this plane would fly for only thirty seconds so that it could take a picture of a vehicle. “PerseveranceThat landed on Mars in February.

This flight is very difficult, because the atmosphere of the planet Mars has only 1 percent of the density of the planet’s atmosphere.

This means that any vehicle that wants to rise will have difficulty, but it benefits from the help of the factor of gravity, because the gravity of the Red Planet is only one third of that of Planet earth.

The aim of the anticipated flight is to rise to only three meters on a roof The red planetThen you will land again on the planet that still arouses human curiosity and science.


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