Nelly Karim on the parade of royal mummies: a major event for the first time in the world


Nelly Karim, after participating in the presentation of the Parade of Royal Mummies, said that she recalled her work in the presentation of “Aida Opera” in Luxor, explaining that the event is large, and for the first time we see it in the world, follow-up: We are proud of the event at all levels, and my soul is repeated, we have Culture, art, and the needs of many Egyptians can do it. “

Nelly Karim added, during the DMC Evening program broadcast on the DMC channel, that the series “Anti-Fracture”, which is shown during the blessed month of Ramadan, does not contain any distress, because it presents the model of the strong six.

Artist Nelly Karam explained that during her filming today in Shubra, I found everyone’s joy, and their sense of pride because of the royal mummies ceremony.


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