New facilities from the civil registry for those who are unable … Details of obtaining the national ID card


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The Ministry of Interior announced the provision of new services to citizens in the civil status sector with the aim of facilitating humanitarian cases, in obtaining or renewing national ID cards, in order to uphold human rights values.

The ministry confirmed that employees from the civil registry in external missions were transferred to citizens who are unable to their place of residence, whether at home or hospitals, with the aim of extracting their identity card and handing it over to them.

Al-Masry Al-Youm reviews the new steps for 2021 in obtaining the national ID card, the papers required to extract it, what are the application prices, and are there fines for delaying the renewal date?

The applicant for obtaining the national ID card is obligated to pay the delay fine in 3 cases, namely:

– In the event of 16 years of delay in obtaining the card for the first time, and after 6 months a fine of 100 pounds will be paid.

– The applicant is obligated to pay a fine of 50 pounds if it is proven that he dealt with the ID card after the specified period expires.

Paying a fine of 50 pounds also in the event of failure to present the identity card data after 7 years have passed since the expiration of the card.

What are the steps and conditions for obtaining a national ID card for the year 2021?

He must be Egyptian

– The age of the applicant for the national ID card should not be less than 16 years old

– The applicant must be registered in the civil registry books and have a birth certificate

Go to the civil registry and buy a national ID form.

Submit an official document proving the applicant’s personality, position, and residence.

What are the prices for ID card applications in 2021?

The premium price is EGP 170, and it is a form that enables the applicant to obtain the national ID card after only 24 hours have passed.

– Urgent price, 120 pounds, through which it is received after 3 days.

The regular price is 45 pounds, and the card is received after two weeks from the date of submitting the form.

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