New Meet UI update next month


Google is updating its Meet user interface next month for desktop and laptop users.

The new Meet web interface includes improvements to video, meeting view or presentation, and navigation bar, according to the verege.

And while some of Google’s changes play catch-up to what is offered in Zoom or Microsoft Teams, they are also much-needed add-ons.

If you get tired of seeing your face during calls, you will soon be able to minimize or hide it completely, and the new options will also include the ability to place your video feed on a board in the meeting participants’ grid or a floating image that can be resized and repositioned.

If you are busy applying, Google is also working on improving how you install and uninstall content.

Soon, you’ll be able to quickly uninstall the presentation board, and it will resize to the same size as other participants so you can see more people on a call.

In the coming months, Google Meet will also allow participants to install multiple video feeds during a call.

One of the most useful changes is the improvement of the bottom bar for meetings to put all controls in one place.

This means that the chat, attachments, and list of participants are all at the bottom so there is more space to see people and whatever is being presented during a call.

Google is also working to move the end call button away from the camera and microphone buttons so that you don’t accidentally leave a call instead of muting it.

Google also introduces the low-light mode from Meet on the mobile phone to the web version, this feature will automatically adjust the webcam video to make you more visible if you are in a dark room, it will also fine-tune your video if you have a lot of light emitted from a window Behind you, as an example, this lightweight configuration feature will be available to all Meet web users in the coming weeks.

Google Workspace subscribers will also have access to the new Google Meet auto-zoom feature in the coming months.


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