Nightly event | The Minister of Education sends messages to students … and the Waqf is preparing


6 oclock am

Thursday 08 April 2021

Yesterday night, and until the early hours of Thursday morning, witnessed many important events at the local and international levels, the most prominent of which were the following:

Decreasing deaths … Health announces the Corona statement on Wednesday
The Ministry of Health and Population announced, on Wednesday, that 444 people recovering from the Corona virus have been discharged from hospitals, after receiving the necessary medical care and recovery according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization, bringing the total of those recovering from the virus to 157,450 cases until today.

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No need to worry .. Shawky sends a message to first and second secondary students about the exams
Minister of Education and Technical Education Dr. Tariq Shawky said that first and second secondary students can print the concept paper and add any other information to it from various sources, if they want to do so in light of the fact that the exam is an open book system.
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Sherif Amer: Ramez Jalal’s program “Turn the World Up” next Ramadan
Journalist Sherif Amer said that the artist, Ramez Jalal, cannot talk to him during this period because of his fear, anxiety, and tension due to the approaching date of the presentation of his program, “Ramiz His Mind,” indicating that his new program “will turn the world over” next Ramadan.
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Education announces the concept paper for the monthly examinations for first and second secondary schools
The Ministry of Education and Technical Education announced the concept paper for the combined monthly exams for the first and second secondary grades for the second semester of the 2020-2021 academic year, via the download link:
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Congratulations Attia: “The Nile River originates from Paradise and it is not permissible to prevent it from anyone.”
Dr. Mabrouk Attia, a professor at Al-Azhar University, said that the basic principle in religion is to deal with all resources without extravagance or waste, especially water, indicating that the Prophet had forbidden wasting water even if you were on a running river.
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B 3 regions .. The Minister of Immigration congratulates Banque Misr for obtaining a license to open a branch in Saudi Arabia
Ambassador Nabila Makram, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptians Affairs Abroad, congratulated Banque Misr and Mr. Mohamed Al-Etribi, Chairman of Banque Misr, for the approval of the Council of Ministers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, April 6, 2021, to grant Banque Misr a license to open a branch in the Kingdom. Approval of granting the license to Banque Misr in preparation for granting the bank the license in the coming period, as it is the first Egyptian bank to have a branch in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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Former Minister of Irrigation: “Ethiopia has not committed itself to declaring principles and is acting unilaterally.”
Dr. Hossam Maghazi, the former Minister of Irrigation, said that Egypt started the first stages of negotiations in 2014, as President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi delivered a speech in 2014 before the Ethiopian Parliament in which he emphasized Egypt’s right to life and Ethiopias right to development, which he emphasized on more than one occasion. .
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The top university hospitals reveal the details of the study of corona strains in Egypt
Dr. Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, Secretary General of University Hospitals, revealed how Egypt chose vaccines and treatment protocols.
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In preparation for the month of Ramadan .. Endowments launch the largest campaign to clean and sterilize mosques nationwide
On Wednesday, the Ministry of Endowments launched the largest sterilization and cleaning campaign for mosques nationwide in preparation for the holy month of Ramadan.
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Libyan military source: The survival of foreign forces and mercenaries in Libya prevents the achievement of peace
A military source in the Libyan army confirmed that the presence or stay of foreign forces and mercenaries in Libya represents a major danger in the first place for the Libyan people, and then represents a danger to the political process and achieving reconciliation and other things, saying, “The presence of mercenaries in Libya prevents the achievement of peace.”
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Quotas and sales … What has changed in the Ethiopian position regarding the Renaissance Dam? … An international expert reveals
Dr. Ahmed Al-Mufti, an international expert and former Khartoum representative in the Renaissance Dam negotiations, said that Ethiopia had failed the Kinshasa meetings by 100%.
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Hear the sound of explosions west of the Syrian capital, Damascus
A correspondent of the German News Agency (DPA) reported on Wednesday / Thursday night that explosions were heard in the west of the Syrian capital, Damascus, and the cause of the explosion was not yet known.
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