Noodles cause the death of two children in Aswan .. Learn about their harmful effects on health


A state of panic and anxiety has spread on all social media during the past few days, and this is after the spread of news of the death of two children in Aswan after eating noodles, which is the latest fast food that many people like to eat.

Learn about the harms of noodles after two children ate them and died in Aswan

Many investigations carried out by the security services confirmed that a child and girl two brothers bought a quick meal from inside the grocery stores in the village. Necessary to be discharged after their condition improved, and after two days passed, they died after going to the hospital again due to being ill for the second time.

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The family of the two children obtained a burial permit and buried them without reporting the incident, after which the owner of the grocery store was identified and seized, and the necessary legal measures were taken against them. Noodles A lot because it affects the nervous system.

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It is also full of Momo Sodium Glutamate, which is the chemical compound that it uses for some foods, and it is among the taste gain, and this results in some problems in the brain and body functions, and it is possible to eat it once a week and not to overuse until much health is preserved All persons.

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  • Its damages lie in the following:
  • It results in a severe headache.
  • A person develops Alzheimer’s and poor memory in adults.
  • Many develop Parkinson’s disease and neurological problems that result in damage to nerve cells.
  • Increases cholesterol in the body.
  • It results in weakening of the heart muscle.
  • It causes hormonal imbalance.
  • It results in problems with the liver cells and results in kidney failure.


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