Nujoom Al-Fantazi .. Hazem Imam: Afsha has no alternative at the moment


Hazem Imam, a player from Zamalek and the former national team, said that Mohamed Magdy “Afsha” has no substitute for him in the ranks of the list present with Hossam Al-Badri in the team.

Imam added, during the episode of the Fantasy Stars program: “Afsha scored against Kenya and made 3 goals against the Comoros Islands.

Ahmed Hussam “Mido” responded to him during the same episode with: “I expected Hossam Al-Badri to choose the player Youssef Obama, because Abdullah Al-Saeed was not present, so I used to include Obama and you might join him for half an hour in front of the Comoros and watch him.”

Mido concluded his comment with: “Afsha (Hail) in front of the Comoros Islands was mobile and looks good around him and he is a very good player, frankly.”


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