Obama: I am ready to renew with Zamalek for the end of my life, and Al Ahlya love Shikabala


Youssef Obama, the Zamalek playmaker, confirmed that he renewed his contract with Zamalek for the next 3 years until the end of 2024, adding: “I have a renewed readiness for the end of my life.”

Youssef Obama said in televised statements: “Ahmed Samir, the former Zamalek player, is the one who called Obama, and the fans of Zamalek are” my sisters “and he is raised in their midst, and I cannot make them angry.”

Obama added: “I did not delay renewing Zamalek, and my desire has always been to stay in the club, and I received an offer from a Gulf club twice as much as I get, and they asked me not to sign for Zamalek and move to them at the end of the season in a free transfer deal after Zamalek refused Turkey in January in exchange for a sum of money, but Ayman Younes had a great role in my stay with Zamalek, and the club told me it needed its children, so I closed the matter permanently, and I renewed my contract for 3 years for 2024 and I am ready for the end of my life. “

Obama explained: “My life never threatened the club to leave because of my deduction or delaying my dues, and I got 9 tournaments with Zamalek in just 4 years, and I hope to continue achieving the championships.”

And Obama continued: “Mukhtar Mukhtar and Walid Salah al-Din are among the best personalities that I have dealt with in my life, and after I wasted a penalty with Al-Ittihad, I left the stadium without returning to them, and they stood by my side and brought me back to my level.”

Obama added: “Things are calm and stable inside the Zamalek club, to reflect what is rumored in the social media, and I don’t know why the Zamalek club is always said about it.


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