Omar Marmouche scored his sixth goal in the German second division .. Video


Egyptian striker Omar Marmouche, a player of St. Pauli, scored his sixth goal with the team during the current season of the German second division, during the match against Einricht Braunschweig, which is currently being held in the 27th round of the competition, where the goal came 7 minutes after the start of the match.

The young Egyptian striker succeeded in reaching the net seven minutes after the start of the match, after receiving a pass in the middle of the stadium, to go towards the goal manipulating the defense, before he fired his shot into the net..

This goal is the sixth in Marmouche’s career with St. Pauli this season, after he moved to him last January on loan from Wolfsburg..

It is worth noting that Marmouche had previously set two other goals for his team in past encounters in the German first division, contributing to nine goals in the 14 matches he has participated in with the team so far.

Omar Marmouche has succeeded in making a major contribution in keeping his team out of the relegation areas early this year, and his team is currently ranked 11th in the league, which is one of the warm places in the ranking.


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