On her 34th birthday, the most beautiful romantic pictures of Emmy and Hassan El-Raddad


Actress Emmy Samir Ghanem celebrates her 34th birthday today, as she was born on March 31, 1987.

The artist Emmy Samir Ghanem is distinguished; She is witty with her elegant and simple look, which relies on her elegance through her appearance in soiree dresses and elegant casual clothes that keep pace with the era of fashion and high-end fashions that match her weight.

From an aesthetic point of view, she relies on highlighting her beautiful features by applying light and calm make-up. The lipstick is light and calm, which is commensurate with the color of her skin.

And about her relationship with her husband, artist Hassan al-Raddad and the jealousy between them, Amy said in one of the programs that she does not have the password for his accounts on social media, and she does not think about obtaining it because she does not want problems, saying: I buy my dignity, and about Hassan Al-Raddad’s jealousy for her, she said: I “Character” he deals with me as “Hamada”, and he trusts me very much.


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