Opel introduces the attractive Crossland to new markets


Opel introduces the attractive Crossland to new markets

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Months after the new Crossland appeared in Germany and a number of European countries, and after this vehicle gained great fame, Opel decided to introduce it in Russia and some other countries.

Among the things that quickly earned this vehicle its popularity among people was the elegance of the exterior design, which combined simplicity and touches of sophistication at the same time, as well as the interior design, which took into account every point in it to provide passengers with comfort standards, in addition to the appropriate size and economical fuel consumption, which makes Crossland is a well-deserved premium family vehicle.

The new car gets a crossover chassis with a streamlined design, 4 meters and 21 centimeters long, a rear luggage box with a capacity of 520 liters, and a metal plate under the body to protect the engine and important parts from shocks and factors that may affect its performance.

As for the cabin, it is equipped with a distinctive driving interface designed to tilt the instruments and the display screen in a way that makes it comfortable for the driver to see.

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And this car got systems for cruise control on the highways, systems to prevent slipping on the slopes, sensors for light and rain, cameras and sensors measuring front and rear distances.

Crossland will offer some European and Asian markets in the Russian market with economical 1.2-liter engines that generate 110 horsepower, and these engines will work with automatic gearboxes for six speeds.

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