Perez: Lega boss should “respect himself”


Florentino Perez, President of Real Madrid and President of the European Super League, confirmed that his team will not be excluded from the Champions League or Spanish League, indicating that Javier Tepas, president of the “La Liga” League, must respect himself.

“The European Super League will start as soon as possible, we will talk with UEFA and FIFA, and I don’t know why they are angry? Let’s live well for the next 20 years at least, now the situation is very tragic. ”

He added: “Uefa should not threaten us, we have to sit down and consult. Real Madrid will not be excluded from the Champions League.”

He continued: “Our threat from UEFA will not work. The players are calm because they know that the threats will not be implemented. The European Union wants to monopolize football, but they have to be transparent. The development that they are working to implement in 2024 will not work. When we reach 2024 we will be dead because of the millions we lose.” “.

And he added: “The La Liga president has to respect himself, Real Madrid will not be excluded from the league.”

He explained: “The leagues will be played normally. Things will be much better in the presence of the European Super League. The Champions League does not attract anyone before the quarter-finals. Why should we play with modest teams ?!”

He continued, “We have not yet invited Paris Saint-Germain to participate in the European Super League.”

And he continued: “Bayern and the German teams have not been invited to the European Super League. We will be 15 teams and 5 other teams taking turns to participate. Roma and Napoli will also have the right to participate, but all these teams will get their money from the fixed 15 teams in the tournament that will play each week.”

He stressed: “The European Super League is not a tournament for the rich, it is a competition to save football, and we will not allow football to disappear, and it will not be for adults only. We will announce a tournament for juniors as well, so they can develop further.”

The President of Real Madrid concluded by saying: “What the European Union president said is a great insult to Agnelli, I see him as unworthy of his position on the presidency of Uefa, we have to change the European Union and we do not want a president who insults anyone, we want transparency in a democratic Europe in which it is not right to say what was said.”


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