Perhaps he will take the lead of Al-Ahly Group in the Champions League


The Simba team won a big victory over the Vita Club, four to four, in the match that took place for the fifth round of Group A in the African Champions League.

This big victory gave the Tanzanian lions top of Group A with 13 points, especially in light of the result of the match between Al-Merrikh and Al-Ahly, which took place at the same time as the match between Simba and Vita Club.

Al-Ahly realized a deadly draw with Al-Merrikh with two goals for each team in the match that took place at the Blue Jawhara Stadium in Sudan.

Simbas quadruple Luis Micisoni, Klotz Shama, Larry Bwalia and Kluts Shama scored, while Zoomanga Suz scored the only goal from Vita Club.

Simba is scheduled to go out to face Al-Ahly in the final round match, which will be held in Cairo next week.

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Match events

The match began with great excitement and attempts by the two teams to hijack the confrontation early, and after many attempts, Luis Miquosone succeeded in first scoring for Simba after he received a wonderful pass in the guests’ penalty area and aimed a rocket to land the Congolese net in the 30th minute.

But the guests did not wait long for the response, as Suzy managed to return matters to the correct quorum in the 32nd minute after a shot.

And before the end of the first half, Simbas Shama succeeded in putting his team in the lead again, to go out with his friends to the locker rooms as they led by a double to goal.

In the 66th minute of the match, Bwalya managed to score the third for Simba, after a wonderful pass from Shama, who had scored the second goal for the Tanzanian lions.

And the Zambian Shama returned to shine again, scoring the fourth goal with great skill when he played with Vita Club defense and the goalkeeper before scoring in the 84th minute.


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