Photo story .. Bwalia the highest price in the eyes of the red administration


It seems that the Al-Ahly club categorically rejects the abandonment of the Congolese, Walter Bwalya, the team’s player, without a financial benefit of high value that would benefit the Red Castle treasury during the upcoming summer transfer period.

Bwalia is one of the most prominent Egyptian league professionals who possess high skill, since he was a player in El Gouna before moving to Al-Ahly, so Al-Ahly management wants to not give up on him except for the club that pays the highest price.

A source in Al-Ahly revealed that in the event that a tempting financial offer is not obtained to buy Bwalyas services, the player will continue in the ranks of the red team and there is no intention to abandon his services, stressing that the management of the Red Castle refuses to give up the player in the manner of the Senegalese U Badji, who deported on loan to Ankara Turkish Gog without financial compensation, to be sold at the end of the current season for $ 1.5 million, according to the desire of the Turkish club.

The source also confirmed that Al-Ahly’s football management is convinced of the abilities of Walter Bwalia, but you see that he is facing a state of failure with the red team and if he finds success, it will be an addition to Al-Ahly’s attack, indicating that the player’s departure depends on the arrival of attractive offers from one of the foreign clubs to buy his contract from Al-Ahly .

On the seventh day, footage of Powalia is made in the following pictures:


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