Pictures … Tamer Hosni and Ruby hold a huge party marking the one-year anniversary of the launch of “Taj Masr”


Ramallah – the world of the homeland
The stars Tamer Hosni and Ruby performed a huge concert on the occasion of the one-year anniversary of the launch of the Taj Misr Real Estate Development Company’s projects in the New Administrative Capital.Tamer Hosni opened his connection with the song “Aish Bouchouak”, amidst a storm of cheers and cries of admiration, after which he greeted the audience for the warm welcome and their waiting in the open air and extreme cold.

Tamer presented a large number of his old and modern songs, which he starred in throughout his artistic career, including “Rih Balk”, “My Phone Ren”, “Kifak excuses”, “Nassini Lih”, “May Deprive Me of You”, “World Champion in Distress”, “If I Were You” I forgot. ”

Tamer also presented a duet, “Nassini Leh” and “Kavik, Excuses” with the young talent, Dania Hariri, and praised everyone for her performance and feeling.

Ruby appeared with a look that caught the attention of the audience, and she was received by DJ Yasser Hariri, the organizer of the concert, and as soon as she climbed onto the stage, shouts and chants of admiration erupted.

At the beginning of her concert, Ruby was keen to greet the audience for the warm reception, bearing the coldness of the weather, and igniting the atmosphere with the songs of “Aref Leih”, “Les Bedari” … in addition to most of the songs of her new album “Hata Tania”, amid more excitement.

The stars of the popular song, Mustafa Hajjaj and Omar Kamal, who presented a musical link with many of their distinctive songs, with which everyone interacted, participated in the revival of the ceremony.

The stars participating in the revival of the ceremony praised the organization and thanked Yasser Al Hariri’s organization, which implemented it according to international life specifications.

The ceremony witnessed strict precautionary measures, including the obligation to use medical alcohol at the entrance gate, wear masks, and revived the first paragraphs of the folk song star Mustafa Hajjaj and Omar Kamal.

The concert was presented by Engi Ali, and DJ Yasser Hariri, “Amazon Entertainment”, organized the organization with world-class live equipment and specifications, and a distinctive theater by the engineer Tamer Fawzy.

During the ceremony, Mustafa Khalil, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Taj Misr for Real Estate Development, honored a number of distinguished success partners, in addition to sending special thanks to the company’s managers, headed by Muhammad Saeed, Alaa Al-Arbi and Bijad Fares for their efforts.


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