Poultry The price of poultry collapses in Egypt today, Monday 4/19/2021, major changes that worry consumers


On our website, we present to you the price of poultry in Egypt today, Monday 19/4/2021, as the poultry stock market announced special prices after it witnessed major increases that started a few days before the blessed month of Ramadan, and indicated that poultry maintained its stability in the local market, according to what the head of the wealth division explained. Poultry in the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, as poultry is one of the things that many people look for most because it is a healthy, cheap meal compared to meat.

The price of poultry in Egypt today

Based on recent prices, the sasso recorded 38 pounds, the thighs 36 pounds, and the baneh 65 pounds, knowing that the volume of Egypt’s production reaches 4 million chickens per day and 13 billion eggs annually.

The prices in Egypt are as follows:

  • White poultry prices 34/35 Egyptian pounds.
  • Baladi poultry prices are 43 Egyptian pounds.
  • Duck prices today are 50 Egyptian pounds per kilo.
  • The prices of chicks today ranged between 10/8 Egyptian pounds.
  • Rumi prices today have reached 60 Egyptian pounds in the local market.
  • Albanian record 65 pounds
  • The hips reached 33 pounds.
  • Bone breast for 38 pounds.
  • Liver and giblets 38
  • Bath 65 pounds.
  • The price of the baladi duck is 55 pounds.
  • The price of a bronze turkey is from 42 to 45 pounds per kilo.
  • The price of the white turkey is from 35 to 40 pounds per kilo.
  • The price of a day-old turkey chick ranges from 16 to 17 pounds.
  • The price of the 45-day-old bronze turkey chick ranges from 44 to 45 pounds (500 gm weight).

Poultry farms in Egypt

The Egyptian markets, specifically the Chamber of Commerce, announced that the volume of investments of poultry farms operating in the Egyptian market amounts to 90 billion pounds, as the number of breeders working in the sector ranges from 50 to 60 thousand establishments, of which about 20 large companies are.


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