Presenter Assem in “Choice 2”: I watched documentary films about “Rab’a Dispensation” … and entered the acting with “Jamal Al-Harem” | news


The young actor Moataz Hussein drew attention to him in the fifth episode of the series “Choice 2”, which witnessed the dispersal of the Rab’a sit-in, and he was among the officers who took over the task of dispersing the sit-in peacefully.

Filfan contacted Moataz Hussein, who presented the role of Colonel Asim, and revealed to us the scenes of filming that episode:

– I studied Management and Information Systems English Division in a private university.

– I was nominated for the role through Synergy Company after my participation in the series “Jamal Harem”.

Peter Mimi is one of the most important directors in Egypt, and he has a smart vision, and I have been trying to work with him for some time.

Ahmed Makki is a nice and talented person who did not deal as a superstar and very modest, and he is a polite and polite person.

– The importance of the Rab’a dispersal episode is that it showed the world the truth and that the Brotherhood is a group of treachery and treachery, and they are the ones who started shooting at the police, and we revealed their lies to the world.

– I felt anxious before filming the episode “The Rabaa Sit-Break” because it is a history episode and it will be documented. Among my preparations, I watched all the videos of the dispersal of the sit-in and documentaries in order to evoke this period of time and prepare for it.

– After we watched today’s episode, we asked ourselves how we endured the Brotherhood’s period and how God saved us from their hands, and if they continued to rule Egypt would have been lost, saying: “Our Lord have mercy on us from them.”

– I saw the Brotherhood’s comments on Facebook after the episode, and I was most struck by their comments that they had been subjected to treachery and betrayal.

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