Prince Philip is buried in the royal bunker, and Elizabeth awaits elsewhere


The crypt, which is the largest of the seven burial sites inside the church, contains the remains King George III, Who witnessed his nearly six-year rule American Revolution. His sons were also buried there King George IV AndKing William IV.

The crypt was also a temporary burial place for some 30 members of the royal family, among them Philip’s mother, Andrew. Princess of GreeceWhose remains were transferred to a monastery on the Mount of Olives in JerusalemShe is now lying near her aunt, Grand Duchess of Russia Serge.

Burial King George VI, Father Queen Elizabeth II, Was in the royal crypt for 17 years before his remains were transferred to King George V Memorial Church in Saint George in 1969.

His wife, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, and his daughter are buried Princess Margaret At his side after their deaths in 2002.

She is expected to be buried Queen Elizabeth II She and Philip are posthumously at the Royal Cemetery near Frogmore Windsor Castle.


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