Private Russian companies contribute to building the orbital station


In a recent interview with him, Ryazanky said: “With the emergence of private commercial companies operating in the fields of space in the country, I expect that the world of astronauts will change, and it will be possible to conclude agreements with them to create a commercial orbital station, and this matter may cover the costs that will be spent on business in the future. Scientific “.

He added, “I am ready to cooperate with local start-ups that will work in the field of space. There are many of them in the country now, but they are not financing like Western ones now. I hope that there will be interest in this matter in the future and we will have more competitive companies as well.”

On the importance of Russia’s creation of its own orbiting space station, the scientist said: “In order to know whether Russia needs to build an alternative orbital station to the International Space Station, we must know the ultimate goal of developing this station … Is it necessary for our national space program? This matter is determined by it. Subject matter experts who work on the long-range national space program. ”

He pointed out that “it is possible to develop an orbital station that the pioneers visit from time to time if necessary, instead of developing a station in which the astronauts reside permanently, as is the case with the International Space Station now.”


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