Pyramids offers Cooper to train the team to succeed Aruabarina … and the coach welcomes


Pyramids club officials contacted Argentine Hector Cuper, the former coach of the Egyptian national team, to take over the task of leading the team in the coming period, and succeed his compatriot Rodolfo Aruabarina, who became a step away from leaving due to poor results and performance.

Pyramids officials were keen to “feel the pulse” of Cooper in the possibility of taking over the task of leading the team, especially since the coach always prefers to work in coaching teams more than teams.

An informed source revealed that Cooper welcomed the assumption of the leadership of Pyramids, especially after learning how many stars in the team and the possibility of providing impressive performance and results, as well as his desire to return to work in Egypt.

It is expected that the coming days will witness a decision by the Pyramids administration Thanks to Arwaparina With hiring a new technical manager who can return the team to the right path.

Pyramids are experiencing a cycle of retreat after losing the Moroccan Raja in the first leg with two goals without a response and three without a response in the second leg of the group stage in the Confederation Championship.

The Ghazl El Mahalla team faces its counterpart Pyramids at 9:30 pm today, Saturday, at Ghazl El Mahalla stadium in the postponed meeting of the seventeenth round of the Premier League competition in a difficult confrontation for the two teams that the farmers enter after a tie with Smouha for each team in the eighteenth round of the competition, while Pyramids tied with Egypt clearing with a goal for each team in the postponed meeting of the sixteenth round of the competition.

Ghazal Mahalla occupies the tenth place in the order table League With 23 points, after playing 17 games, he won 5 matches, tied in 8 matches, lost four matches, and his players scored 14 goals and conceded 16 goals while occupying Pyramids Fifth place in the league table with 26 points, after playing 16 games, winning 6 confrontations, drawing eight matches, losing two matches, scoring 21 goals and conceding 15 goals.


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